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Summer Fashion 2013

In a change of events, the cold winter months and chilly days of March and April have flip-flopped to expose the early days of the bright and sunny summer to come. While in a few weeks or so many may change their tune and state their longing for the breezy autumn temperatures, I myself am extremely excited and stoked for the summer season. Let’s jump forward and examine some coming trennail-polish-1-537x402ds:

Neon Colours

Be bright & be bold! Highlighter colours are fun and young pigments that shout out the true spirit of the season. Keep in mind not to dress full-out in neon though and look like a walking pylon. Instead, balance out your outfits with denim bottoms or other neutral colours.

Nail Lacquer

Take the time to decorate and paint up your nails! Put in the effort to fancy them up with different designs and patterns or stick to simple solid colours. Whichever you choose, it will be sure to ooze out the energy and excitement of the summer.

Work Out Gearadidas

With such nice weather outside there’s ever more the opportunity for exercise whether it be running, biking, swimming or walking. Whether you’re Team Puma or Team Adidas, tie on your running shoes, your cleats or roller blades for some active exercise. Don’t forget to grab out your shorts and oversized t-shirts for some fun in the sun and the feel of perspiration glistening over your skin.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

What better way to stay stylish and prevent cataracts? Wayfarer sunglasses are the current trend with the ability to fit any frame of face with its complimenting features. So pick up a pair of glasses, whether they be floral print or tribal, to spice up any ordinary outfit.

Target Audience: Fashionistas, Summer lovin’ people

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Style Tips Inspired by Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, otherwise known as Kate Middleton, has an amazing sense of style. It’s amazing how, while maintaining a sense of class and poise, she still manages to incorporate her own flare for fashion.

Although it’s been a substantial amount of time since Kate’s looks first stormed the fashion scene, her outfits continue to inspire designers and fashionistas aplenty. Let’s see some of the key trends sparked by the Duchess…

kate1. The Cinched Waist
Throw aside all of those preconceived notions about body types. With the use of a belt tied snugly around the waist, anyone can create the hourglass shape.

2. Lace
Lace texture is back with all the rage of a burning fire! While before lace may have reminded you of your grandmother’s old crochet or antique knitwork, this retro material is back with a modern twist. Take a contrasting lace top to give a perfect feminine touch to a pair of denim jeans.

3. One Shoulder Look one shoulder
Once again, balancing modesty and style, Kate’s bringing back the one shoulder look. Show it off with a variety of different hairstyles like an elegantly pinned updo, a side part or a simple clipped back.

4. Smile

Positivity is back! No matter how much the paparazzi and media overwhelm the Duchess, she always keeps a calm demeanor and a pleasantly genuine smile on her face. Boosts any outfit up a couple of notches.

Style: Celebrity/Fashion Feature
Audience: Female Fashion Enthusiasts

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4 Spring Fashion Ideas

Spring is in the air and that means new fashion styles are coming in! Use the new season to express yourself and feel confident in everything you do. springPastel colours and chiffon materials are a couple of features that are in for Spring 2013. Here’s a list of some must-have items to enjoy the outdoor weather in.

1. Chiffon Tops
chiffon Feminine and girly yet loose and comfortable to enjoy a breezy day outside. Complete the outfit with a simple necklace and a pair of either jeans, or shorts on a particularily sunny day. Choose from a variety of pastels such as rosy pink, sea foam green or soft lavender.

2. Chunky Knit Sweater Laidback, comfy and cute. Pull on a warm and fuzzy sweater on a rainy day, just don’t forget to bring along your umbrella!

3. Neutral Coloured Heels
Bring your outfit up a notch with a pair of neutral coloured heels that can be put together with any outfit. Lengthens legs with its natural skin toned colour.

4. A Line Dressesdress
Classy and chic, A Line Dresses suit any body type. Choose from floral prints, basic stripes or block colours to add to your wardrobe. Fun and easy to wear, and streamlines your torso for a finished and elegant look.

Photos: From the Roadtrip Clothing Store website. They’re a little shop downtown near Rideau and I think their clothes are really cute. Nonetheless I haven’t bought anything there before, price tag is a little too hefty. I can still oogle at their clothing though right? (:
Style: Magazine Feature
Audience: Female Fashionistas


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